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Open Call

There is no specific Call for submission to work in Liliput Residence.

We are open all year on a first come, first served basis. So book in advance and be sure there is space to accommodate you and your exhibition project.

Residency period:

Minimum 1 month – maximum 3 months

In case the artist needs a longer period to develop his project we can study this possibility.

The artists in residence must live in the house during the residency.


- Liliput Artist Residency is looking for artists, living and working outside of Mexico.
- Artists interested in working in a private studio space in Puebla Mexico, and living in a shared artist-house during 2018.
- The goal is promote the artist work in Puebla art-scene.


- Liliput Galeria is located in a quiet street in San Manuel District of Puebla, Mexico.
- Single room with balcony, closet and toilet (for each artist)


- The artist will participate in the open studio Liliput.
- The artist will give an Artist Talk TBA
- Depending on conditions and schedule, The artist could potentially present his or her work in a solo or collective exhibition at Liliput in Puebla, Mexico.


- Tutoring at the studio during the residency (via phone call in advance).
- Posters, invitations, catering and drinks for the open studio and exhibition.
- Transport for the Artist lectures at the Art Faculty Lecture.
- Shared tools.
- WIFI at the atelier/house.


- 700€ / Month, as a membership fee (provides living and working space, all expenses includes).
- Supply own materials.
- Life expenses (food, travel and transport, and medical-insurance)


F. To apply you should send:

  1. A completed on-line form: APPLICATION FORM
    When you send your application form please clarify the materials you’ll need (type, size and quantity of plates and papers) and the techniques you would like to develop.

  2. An email to
    including the following documents:

    1. 1 Curriculum Vitae / Resume

    2. 2 Short description of your artist project / work planned during the residency period.

    3. 3 Visual documentation of recent work (15 jpg images).

    4. 4 Letter/s of recommendation of professional institution, someone who knows your work, instructor, etc,

    5. 5 Artworks list you want to exhibit and or Techniques you want to use in case of developing the exhibition here.


Liliput commitee  will select high quality projects, giving priority to those based in photography. We accept projects that should be possible to realize in our installations, using our facilities and expertise.

We also consider artist’s statement and previous work.

* It is the responsibility of the artist to deliver their art work to Liiiput properly wrapped, and to pick up their art work no     later than 2 weeks after their exhibition.

* As the purpose of the residency is to provide time for undisturbed work, no children, pets, or overnight visitors are permitted

* Artists are expected to shop, cook, and clean up after themselves.

*Residency is strictly non-profit and all fees go to the costs of maintaining Liliput.

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