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Liliput is an artist run space by a collective of artists based upon good will and collaboration. Due to the lack of physical space, Liliput cannot store artwork. Liliput holds no responsibility for the delivery, return, or condition of exhibited artworks. It is the artist's responsibility to pick up their work.

The Gallery shall not be responsible for the safekeeping of consigned Artworks while they are in its custody. The Gallery's establishes no value of consigned Artwork.

The responsibility for the care of the works sent by courier will be the responsibility of the participant and the company they use, we are not responsible if the work arrives damaged. 

Shipping or drop-off costs are the responsibility of each artist. If insurance is desired, the artist is also responsible for this expense.

Artworks can be shipped to a designated address or delivered by hand directly to the venue. We will send the designated shipping address in due course to selected artists.
Transport and related costs are the responsibility of the artist.
Artists must pick up their work and organize their own return transport based on the size and weight of the packed artwork. We do not cover the transportation cost.
After the exhibition ends, artwork must be collected by the artist within 8 weeks of an art exhibition closing.

Under no circumstance will the gallery receive broken pieces, or without professional packaging. 

Artists accept the responsibility of their artwork at all time. 

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